Oricom Secure 860 Video Baby Monitor - 3.5" Touchscreen

Oricom Secure 860 Video Baby Monitor - 3.5" Touchscreen

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The Oricom Secure 860 Digital Video Baby Monitor truly is the ultimate in video baby monitoring. It has a 3.5" touchscreen which makes it very easy to use.

The Oricom Secure 860 has 19 lullabies built in as well as white noise, nature & womb sounds which are all proven to help make sleep-time easier for both baby and parents!

The Screen has a 3 x Digital Zoom so you can get in close to see detail.

It's High Definition Audio is incredibly clear, so you wont miss a thing! The 3.5" Touch Screen is high resolution boasting 480x320 px so it is easy to see without stressing your eyes. The Night Vision on the Oricom Secure 860 means that even with the lights out, you can check on baby day and night. If you are on the phone or need quiet, then you will love the vibrate alert feature which will alert you and give you the quiet time you need. You can have a total of 4 cameras and with the split screen feature, you can see what's going on in multiple rooms at the same time! The camera's are designed to be wall mountable so that no matter how your nursery is set up - you can get the ideal positioning of the camera?s. Parent talk back means you can talk back to baby through your Oricom Secure 860 and let them hear your voice saving you having to run in to the nursery just to calm them.

The Room Temperature monitor means you never have to worry about the temperature in the nursery going too high or too low without you knowing! The Adjustable night light will help baby feel safe at sleep time and save the cost of purchasing a separate night light making the Oricom Secure 860 even better value for money!

  • High quality 3.5? touchscreen.
  • 3 x Digital Zoom.
  • Hi-definition sound.
  • 480x320 resolution screen.
  • Baby friendly night vision.
  • Room temperature monitor.
  • 19 lullabies, white noise, nature and wombs sounds.
  • Vibration alerts.
  • Adjustable night light.
  • Parent talk back.
  • In-use time up to 6.5hrs (parent unit).
  • Wall mountable (camera unit).
  • Multi-camera capable (up to four), additional cameras sold separately (CU860).
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