Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set (with 5pt Harness and Extended Glider)

Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set (with 5pt Harness and Extended Glider)


By around six months, baby’s back and spine will be developed enough to support their head and start sitting upright.

The Tripp Trapp Baby Set is comprised of the Seating rail, Crotch strap, Harness and Baby back plate. The Baby back plate hooks onto the original Tripp Trapp, which supports and moves the child forward in their seat. Bringing the child closer to the optimised Seating rail and Crotch strap, the Baby back plate offers increased support and stability, as well as allowing the child to sit closer at the table.

The Tripp Trapp Baby Set provides optimal sitting safety during children’s first months and years, and continues until the time when they are able to climb in and out of their chair independently.

Produced from easy to clean materials including reinforced and robust polypropylene plastic. the Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set allows parents to easily wipe, clean and maintain the set. The baby back plate is also dishwasher safe. 


  • Transforms Tripp Trapp into a comfortable high chair

  • Enables the chair to be used when a child can sit up unaided (from 6-9 months)

  • Provides perfect side and back support for baby.

  • Integrated crotch strap

  • Easily attaches onto the chair – tool-free

  • Dishwasher proof

  • Fits any Tripp Trapp chair produced after May 2003

  • Has optional toddler Tray, Harness and Cushion accessories

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