Leander Cot

Leander Cot

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The Leander Cot is possibly the most stunning European cot in Australia. Designed by Stig Leander from Denmark, it is perfect for lovers of design, quality and function. The cot has 5 different configurations and transforms in tune with your child's development from infant to approx. 7 years old.

  • The cot measures 120x70cm and when extended into the junior bed it measures 150x70cm.
  • Complies fully with Australian Standards.
  • Available in whitewash, white or grey.


  • The Leander Cot in your chosen colour only.
  • Please note: you will need to also order either a COMFORT+7 or PREMIUM+7 mattress.
  • If you wish to convert the cot to a junior bed, please also order the junior kit and the mattress extension piece.
  • The Leander Cot COMFORT+7 mattress is made in Europe from high quality cold foam. The mattress has been carefully constructed to offer excellent air circulation by drilling vertical air channels and by an exact shaping of the mattress contour.
  • Each side has a different pattern. One is ideal for a baby under 12 kg (white side with knobs) and the other is for the toddler 12 kg+ (purple side with waves).
  • The mattress is fitted with a unique cover to match the high standard of the mattress core.
  • It has integrated wetness protection by using a combination of Tencel™ and polyester fleece which improves the breath-ability.
  • The cover is fully divisible, so you can wash the soiled side and still use the other on the mattress.
  • Machine washable on 60 degrees. The mattress is made to exact size of the Leander Cot.

The Leander Cot PREMIUM+7 mattress is made in Europe from a highly sophisticated foam material called Cellflex. This material has a very open-pored cell structure which offers superior ventilation and breath-ability. The surfaces of the mattress have been cut into a particular 3D pattern to optimise comfort and air circulation, one side optimal for a baby weighing up to 12 kg, and the other for a toddler weighing 12 kg+. The cover on the mattress is designed to support the breath-ability of the mattress. A 3D spacer fabric has been quilted into the polyester fleece on the baby side and with this material your baby can breathe freely and will not sweat. The toddler side has polyester fleece only, like the cover on the COMFORT+7 mattress.

  • Cross ventilation is ensured by a strip of mesh fabric all the way around the mattress, along the zip.
  • The cover is highly moisture absorbent thanks to the use of Tencel™ and is machine washable.
  • As the cover is fully divisible, you will be able to wash just the soiled side and keep the other on the mattress.
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