Heinz Baby Basics Disposable Bibs 12 pack

Heinz Baby Basics Disposable Bibs 12 pack


These disposable bibs are great to have on hand in your nappy bag, for meal times when out and about.

Each bib's soft top layer and absorbent middle layer soak up messy spills, while the protective waterproof backing protects baby's clothing.

The handy spill catcher prevents food from rolling down into baby's lap. 

An adhesive tab on the neck allows for adjustable neck width, while adhesive tabs on the back of the bib attach to the front of baby's clothes, to keep the bib securely and safely in place.


  • Adjustable neck size
  • Adhesive tabs fasten to clothes
  • Spill catcher
  • Soft top
  • Absorbent middle layer
  • Protective waterproof backing
  • Triple layer protection
  • Disposable bibs - not machine washable
  • Do not flush


12 pack


34 cm x 23 cm


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