Bugaboo Donkey Mono + Free Seat Liner

Bugaboo Donkey Mono + Free Seat Liner

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Designed specifically to grow with your family, the Bugaboo Donkey transforms in just three simple clicks from a mono to a duo pram. And back again. This means you can use it for one kid, two kids of different ages, or twins. bugaboo donkey mono one child.

Whether you're off to the shops or the park, the Bugaboo Donkey is an ideal solution. Its innovative side luggage basket and large under seat basket means there's enough storage space for your shopping or a day out and about with easy access to both your child can stay sound asleep in the bassinet or re-clinable seat. bugaboo donkey duo two children of different ages

Going out with your first child, second child can often present a dilemma.

That's where the Bugaboo Donkey comes in and makes it all so easy. The convertible pram can adapt to your requirements at any given moment of the day. In just three simple clicks it can convert from a duo pram to a mono pram. bugaboo donkey twin two children of the same age

Going out with twins has never been easier or as comfortable!

In twin configuration the Bugaboo Donkey ensures the smoothest of rides for both children. And when they're a little older, you can place them in the seats so they're facing each other, facing you or facing the world. And in just three simple clicks it can convert from a twin pram into a mono pram.

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