Britax Steelcraft Beepa 4 in 1 Baby Walker

Britax Steelcraft Beepa 4 in 1 Baby Walker

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Interactive Walker Grows With Your Child

Take your little one through Beepa’s 3 stages of growth, keep them entertained with lights and sounds and help them to start to walk with confidence and strength.

This function is suitable for babies who can sit unassisted. The three height adjustments allow for longer use of the seat and also allow your baby to develop strength in their legs with the 'Jump' function. Position the footrest under baby's seat; help them discover the joy of lights and sounds by stepping on the foot buttons

This function is suitable for babies who can sit unassisted and your baby is whereby ready to take their first steps. Slide the footrest out of the way and let their feet touch the floor.

This function is suitable for babies who are learning to walk or walk freely. Beepa will convert from a traditional Sit n' Step walker to a Stand n' Push along. Just slide the seat away to give lots of room for little ones to push and wander. Lock the footrest beneath the front of the walker to allow plenty of room for strides. Your little one will learn to stand, take first steps and walk.

This function appeals to both babies and toddlers. The ‘beep’, ‘toot’, ‘broom’ and the giggle make up the music and sounds you will hear! Within easy reach bright lights flash when buttons on the steering wheel and footrest are pressed which no doubt will keep your baby amused during all occasions.


  • SAFETY - Non-skid safety friction strips to prevent walker dropping down steps.
  • WEARABILITY - The padded seat with supportive back rest is simple and easy to clean.
  • VERSATILITY - Play tray can be easily removed, providing a larger tray for feeding and entertainment.
  • ACCOMMODATING - 3 seat height adjustments to accommodate baby’s growth.
  • EXTRAS - Includes clip on play tray.


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