Angelcare Nappy Disposal System AC500

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System AC500

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The Angelcare Nappy Disposal System is a convenient and hygienic disposal system for dirty nappies. Designed to keep bad smells at bay, this system features Air-Seal Technology and is simple to use. Do your nose, and your home a favour with this Nappy Disposal system!

  • Push & Lock - Simply push nappy in to lock smells in
  • Air-Seal - The Advanced multi-layer film provides and effective odour barrier
  • Hygenic - Keeps all nappies safely contained
  • One-Handed Operation - No difficult twisting required to use

Angelcare Refill Cartridge:


  • Comes in 4 Refill in pack
  • Uses 3 times less plastic bag than the leading competition
  •  Shorten bag making easier to manipulate
  • Refill cassette seals up to 180 nappies (size 2).


Angelcare Refill Cartridge:
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